In Allah We Believe and In People We Trust


CEO’S Message

Grapho Scan Supplies (Pvt) Ltd, (GSS) is the dream, established in the year 1991, head office in Lahore and having branches in the 3 major cities of Pakistan which are Karachi, Rawalpindi / Islamabad and Faisalabad. Through extensive distribution & alliance with world renowned Brands. GSS was established with the Vision to be different from Conventional Companies. GSS have proved to overcome these problems with just three simple rules Clarity, Honesty & Guidance (CHG). You will notice reflection of CHG in every staff member associated within the umbrella of our brand GSS. Clarity in quotes, Clarity in Transit time & Clarity in personality. Honesty in honouring the commitments, Honesty in fulfilling the time lines with Clear intentions. Guidance comes with the experience to tackle difficulties, Guidance to stake holders to choose correct product selection, Guidance for more powerful and advance generation.

Every Step, Process & System within GSS developed tailor’s made as per need and requirement of the various Business Segments. GSS Team selected on the basis of Education, Experience, Capability to do & honesty, and we are maintaining them by providing Trainings, friendly working environment & ambience, freedom to work according to their capabilities, corporate facilities & higher than the market emoluments & benefits.

We believe in Turnkey Solutions and always ready to put ourselves to the test and demonstrate how we find solutions and range of products and services can contribute to the success of your business. I don’t believe with the overnight success, believe with the practical story of tortoise race, means slowly and steady wins the race. We are moving slowly and gradually towards our target and growing with every passing day.

Mission Statement

WORK with team spirit ENJOY making our customers’ expectations come true COMMIT to present topnotch state-of-the-art products and services BELIEVE that progress and development are sustained by continuous learning INTERACT with the international markets to come up with the most up-to-date technology